11. 10. 2022

What is important for effective work in logistics?

In general, warehouse logistics deals with the movement and storage of goods in a limited space…
26. 09. 2022

EFMP is celebrating 17 years

This weekend all our EFMP partners convened in Ibiza to celebrate 17 years of EFMP.
26. 09. 2022

Interview with Radek Vybíral - Field Force Director

In the last article we wrote about merchandising and its development news. Today we bring you an…
13. 09. 2022

Merchandising services development

For many years consumers have been buying their goods in supermarkets and hypermarkets.  Every time…
29. 08. 2022

Are interviewers still required?

Online research has become increasingly popular in recent years whether it's large quantitative…
18. 08. 2022

Summer refreshment in the ppm office

As it was mentioned in a recent post, we at ppm factum are crazy about sports, therefore we have…
15. 08. 2022

Unsuspected possibilities of working with acquired data

DATA - one sees a jumble of numbers and they don't really explain anything and others see an…
29. 07. 2022

War through the eyes of children

Every day we are still exposed to new reports about the war situation in Ukraine and we hope that…
18. 07. 2022

Sportovky ppm factum

The second edition of the Sportovky (Sports Festival) ppm factum is in full swing. We are…
04. 07. 2022

Cooperation ppm factum &

Since 2022, the marketing company ppm factum has been working closely with the…
24. 06. 2022

Consumer Choice and Retail Business Mixer

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, the traditional gala Consumer Choice - Best New Product took place at…
20. 06. 2022

ppm factum Summer Beer Fest

The unfavorable times of Covid did not allow us to meet each other in large numbers until recently,…
30. 05. 2022

Interview of the month 6/2022 - Michaela Mazánková and

Mr. Jiří Beran from Mí interviewed our colleague Míša Mazánková. The interview depicts…
23. 05. 2022

ppm helps wherever possible - a new car for Adamek

Adamek, the grandson of our long-time colleague, suddenly fell ill with a serious illness at the…
09. 05. 2022

ppm factum - supplier of Retail audit services to Bolton Group

We are glad that we, ppm factum, will provide the Bolton Group with reliable data directly from…
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