11. year RBM – Quickly, Excellently, with Elegance

25. 06. 2015

The former summer variant of the partner participation at Retail Business Mixer was brought to en end by bad weather forecast.

Promo team thus came up with sheltered „ppm beach“ which was ensured and prepared within 3 days. There was a bar on the sand and all the stuff absolutely necessary for the real beach…just the sea was compensated by occasional rain showers:).

The beach vistors could enjoy refreshing drinks - ppm Hugo Spritz or ppm Lavender Spritz prepared from sparkling wines of Vineselkt Michlovský.

All the people coming have appreciated elegant beach hats and pleasant relax zones prepared for all the visitors.

ppm hostesses were taking perfect care about the evening fast pace and helped with partner prize drawing – ppm prepared a competition for BMW 4 cabrio rental from RENOCAR company.

To absorb the beach atmosphere, please see the photographies enclosed.

ppm wishes you sweet summer and look forward to you at Občanská plovárna!