25. 05. 2020


Despite all the unknowns that certainly await us in the future, one of the positive aspects of the…
11. 05. 2020

We will run at full blast again this summer

The last months have been marked by debates from marketers, analysts and media planners - all…
03. 04. 2020

ppm factum Rudná Warehouse - WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU!

Despite the difficult times with COVID-19 that has affected us all in both our personal and…
20. 03. 2020

ppm factum Merchandising helps people in the front line of COVID-19

ppm factum Merchandising helps people in the front line of COVID-19. Despite the complicated…
16. 03. 2020

Who is prepared is not surprised - COVID-19

Without a crystal ball and for preventive reasons, we have prepared our company for full quarantine…
13. 03. 2020

Nestlé teambuilding

For the Nestle Purina team we have prepared informal teambuilding, as an expression of thanks for…
04. 03. 2020

Dry February with Heineken brand

As we are very happy to support the traditional Dry February challenge, we used the idea of…
20. 02. 2020

ppm factum merchandising for Pivovar Topvar a.s.

We are pleased to announce that as of April 1st 2020 we will become a partner with Pivovary Topvar…
17. 02. 2020

Milka Valentine´s Day

This year we organized for our regular client the most massive promotion of all time. As part of…
11. 02. 2020

ppm factum gallery at Retail Summit

We are glad that we could attend this year's Retail Summit conference as an important partner.
27. 12. 2019

Henkel Sailors´ Party

For Henkel, on the special occasion of moving to new offices in Holešovice Dock, we prepared a…
02. 12. 2019

Starbucks teamed up with Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Thanks to Nestlé, the global coffee icon is getting into retail business and we participated in the…
15. 11. 2019

Crafty Raspberry Fidorka

Fidorka is coming with a great new flavor and we had prepared entertaining tasting promotions for…
23. 10. 2019

Design pieces at a design event

Both visitors from the professional community and fans of design and art, who met at this year's…
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