20. 09. 2019

Desperados – We Are The Party

The sampling road show for tequila-sharpened beer is now finishing to a very successful conclusion.
02. 08. 2019

Barnängen - Swedish quality at Czech stores

For the Barnängen brand, we have just implemented a promotion campaign that gave customers a chance…
01. 07. 2019

Superhero´s family day

For employees of ppm factum, our parent company, we organized a Family Day with a Superhero theme…
24. 06. 2019

The Fox´s foxy attitude

Currently we are starting a massive sampling road show for Heineken, in which we will visit all the…
23. 06. 2019

Rexík (Little Rex) Zone at family festivals

or Henkel we have designed a new activity that aims to reach out and build a relationship with Rex…
13. 05. 2019

Mom's Day from Milka

For the occasion of Mother´s Day we prepared a massive event for Mondeléz with beautiful promo…
29. 03. 2019

CHIO Donut Music madness

We have realized the massive promo associated with the big consumer competition for the CHIO brand. 
15. 02. 2019

#SilanLOVE – Valentine's Day promotion

For our client, Henkel, we have prepared a campaign on Valentine's Day to support the new product…
18. 01. 2019

Nature Box – beauty out of nature

For Henkel, we have had a very successfully implementation of a hardsell promo. The main role of…
05. 12. 2018

Apocalypse of brick and mortar retail shops?

E-shops will not cause it, and who knows if it ever occurs.
22. 10. 2018

KIA Family Road Show

PPM factum participated in a tender offer and for the next period we retained cooperation with our…
18. 09. 2018

Soundtrack Poděbrady 2018

After last year's trial, we have prepared an activation concept for one of the main partners of…
24. 07. 2018

Summer Lounge ppm at a meeting of marketers in Grébovka

Summer is in full swing and we have begun it in a festive mood with a great event within the Retail…
24. 07. 2018

Prestigious award for ppm factum!

We ranked 3rd in the Czech Leadership Awards
24. 07. 2018

Proud Zero enters the Czech market!

Currently we have launched a massive promotional campaign "I'm a proud zero" for Heineken, where we…
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