08. 03. 2021

We keep going on also in 2021

Also in 2021 we keep going on and thank our clients for their trust and cooperation.
24. 02. 2021

REAL FEEL – get acquainted with the new era agency

There is no point in lamenting. The change was coming anyway, and the pandemic only accelerated…
18. 01. 2021

ppm factum merchandising for Reckitt Benckiser

We are very pleased that from January 1st 2021, we started cooperating with Reckitt Benckiser in…
21. 10. 2020

We are launching a new Lysoform disinfection brand for Henkel

Henkel, which has a portfolio of brands such as Persil, Perwoll, Syoss or Schwarzkopf, is bringing…
01. 10. 2020

We bring more events to retail!

The world is changing and we are changing with it. Consumer behavior is developing by leaps and…
24. 08. 2020

Tasty promo for feline Shelma!

This summer we have prepared a large sampling campaign for one of the largest producers in the Pet…
11. 08. 2020

Babybel Protein - road show

We are happy that, together with our client Sýrárna Bel, we can present the unique novelty Babybel…
11. 08. 2020

The coffee experience returns to hypermarkets

We have just launched a summer promo for the exclusive L´Or brand, which has gained a strong…
22. 07. 2020

Henkel Summer Sport Challenge!

For Henkel, we were happy to prepare a summer activity with the aim to activate the company´s…
25. 06. 2020

Persil Deep Clean summer sampling has started

We have launched a campaign for Henkel, which includes the task of getting a wide athletic…
10. 06. 2020

Promo is back!

After a long forced break, we are back in full gear for our clients.   We were the first to launch…
25. 05. 2020


Despite all the unknowns that certainly await us in the future, one of the positive aspects of the…
11. 05. 2020

We will run at full blast again this summer

The last months have been marked by debates from marketers, analysts and media planners - all…
03. 04. 2020

ppm factum Rudná Warehouse - WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU!

Despite the difficult times with COVID-19 that has affected us all in both our personal and…
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