12. 03. 2018

Grohe – professional presentation in hobby markets

Grohe, a German manufacturer of high-quality sanitary equipment, has chosen our agency for this…
03. 03. 2018

Milka Valentine - 624 promotional activities in 2 days!

This year we celebrated the Valentine’s Day of love by a massive promotion for the Milka brand.
21. 02. 2018

Gervais Bistro in Czech hypermarkets

For Bel Sýry Company we are currently implementing a culinary promo across the Czech modern market.
24. 01. 2018

Leerdammer is a star in Czech and Slovak households.

We just carried out a very successful promotion for the Leerdammer brand.
13. 12. 2017

Christmas Philips promo in Albert stores

You could have met our Philips Ambassadors in the Albert stores during the pre-Christmas campaign.
30. 11. 2017

Why would anyone want anything else than gold?!

With this headline we just launched a roadshow throughout Czech hypermarkets and shopping malls.
23. 11. 2017

Presentation of Bohemia potato chips quality ingredients

For the Bohemia Chips brand we have prepared a campaign...
14. 11. 2017


New Virtual Promoter was presented in Nový Smíchov shopping centre with a Crestyl application.
31. 10. 2017

OREO&MILKA promotion

We came with a perfect blend of flavors and a new in-store promo for Mondeléz.
15. 09. 2017

Massive sampling for Kotlíkové

This year we participated in the grand launch of the brand Bohemia Kotlíkové.
06. 09. 2017

Discovery promo on Brumík

For Mondeléz, we are currently promoting the popular Brumík snack foods.
25. 07. 2017

Podravka Company chose ppm factum as

Podravka Company chose ppm factum as a partner to launch its new product Ajvar in the Czech modern…
11. 07. 2017

Retail Business Mixer 2017 on the beach

This year´s RBM, that we have been a proud partner with for the last 8 years, took place in the…
26. 06. 2017


Imagine an event where you would get intrigued by a guy making pirouettes on his strangely tiny…
08. 06. 2017

Consumer choice with ppm factum again

“Consumer choice” is a marketing program that monitors, evaluates and promotes new and innovated…
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