30. 05. 2017

The entire country enjoyed the taste of Moravian Olmín

Olmín is a cheese with a typical taste and texture developing across time. Customers have had the…
05. 05. 2017

We speak the same language with our hostesses

We are constantly trying to create something new that will enhance and improve our services.
19. 04. 2017

Easter with Milka

For the Milka brand we have prepared a new activity directed specially at the Easter season.
01. 04. 2017

Potato chips directly from the kettle

A new kettle chip has boldly entered the Czech and Slovak markets.
15. 03. 2017

Luxurious new product in the market

We just carried out a massive sale support for a premium line of puddings.
20. 02. 2017

We handled Valentine´s Day with flying colors

For Mondeléz we just carried out the largest promo in the history of tastings.
15. 02. 2017

Kettle chips conquered the Retail Summit

A new product, Kotlíkové Bohemia (Kettle Chips Bohemia), was launched in the Czech market.
02. 02. 2017

Virtual Promoter at Retail Summit

Ve dnech 30.1. - 1.2. 2017 jsme se zúčastnili konference Retail Summit 2017 s prezentací Virtual…
25. 01. 2017

BeBe – as the morning goes, so goes the rest of the day!

The proverb says that as you’ve make your bed, so must you lie in it. And we are adding that “as…
05. 01. 2017

Leerdammer Christmas campaign with ppm in 3 countries

Last fall we won the tender for a comprehensive Christmas campaign for the Leerdammer brand.
02. 01. 2017

Jacobs - Dream with open eyes!

For the second consecutive month the retail customers have been enjoying our green and gold…
19. 12. 2016

We celebrate 20 years in the market

When planning our 2016 Christmas Party we were doubly motivated to create a great celebration.
19. 12. 2016

PF 2017

Season´s Greetings!
13. 12. 2016

ppm for Chanel

If you have not had a chance to come to Bratislava Aupark to test the new fragrance No. 5 L’Eau yet…
02. 12. 2016

GIMMO Virtual Promoter won a POPAI Award 2016!

POPAI Central Europe Association held on November 24th 2016 another year of international event…
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