Colgate - Health Corners in the Czech stores

01. 11. 2016

For Colgate we have been implementing Shop-in-Shop Guidance Corners throughout the modern Czech market.
The goal is to associate the Colgate brand with good care for one´s health and wellbeing.
Hostesses inform/advise customers that poor dental care can increase the risk of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and respiratory diseases.
Dental hygienists are a part of our Health Corners teams whereby they measure customers´ BMI, fat-muscle ratio, blood pressure etc.
Every customer receives a Personal health book with a detail description of their condition. A detailed recommendation on how to prevent the various diseases is also part of the book. As a bonus, a Colgate tooth brush valued at CZK 89 is added to each purchase.
You can view the first pictures from the Colgate Health Corners in our picture gallery.