Crafty Raspberry Fidorka

15. 11. 2019

Fidorka is coming with a great new flavor and we had prepared entertaining tasting promotions for the Czech and Slovak hypermarkets.

Mondeléz is a key player in the wafers and biscuits segment and its new Fidorka Malinová is quickly establishing itself in the both mentioned markets.

Because we like the brand´s fun concept "Crafty mischief", we wanted to entertain the hypermarket customers a little bit during their (maybe a little tedious) shopping experience.

We did a survey and when we said “raspberry” consumers recalled the legendary raspberry soft drink right away.

That's why we came up with an idea that worked really well with customers. We made promo stands that at first glance appeared to be a counter top with a beer tap but instead offered a raspberry soft drink.

Customers were surprised when they received a sample of the new Fidorka Malinová to taste.

The rule “less is more” proved itself again through the extraordinary high sales results.

You can look at our photo gallery to see how successful the event was.