Creative digital campaign Gloves SPONTEX 2021

06. 09. 2021

For the Spontex Company, we have just completed the first stage of a long-term cooperation, which is now focused primarily on online communication.



During the corona-virus pandemic, the interest in hygienic and sanitary products increased significantly, especially in the category of gloves. The company Mapa Spontex CE, s.r.o. wanted to take advantage of this very high demand for its SPONTEX glove brand. That's why we came up with a creative digital campaign in the online environment, which at this time was the most in.


The goal of the campaign:

Wearing gloves is normal, in a long-term it is trendy, and Spontex gloves are in the lead on top of that.


Execution of the campaign:

Presentation of gloves in many unexpected situations in which they can be used successfully.

Headline: "Pamper your hands, whatever you do ..."

  • Awareness  - lifestyle support of disposable and reusable  gloves 
  • Visual style design
  • Online activities
    • Proposal for a new style website
    • Digital contest on social media networks with Spontex gifts for online activity
    • Use of influencers
    • Suggestions for further use of SPONTEX gloves in future online communication  
  • Retail activities
    • Suggestions for further use of SPONTEX gloves in future retail communication  


Campaign results:

  • Fresh new visual style of the SPONTEX brand – inspiring photos
  • New website - use of new visuals – clear structure, clear message
  • Social media networks
    • Facebook – communication of product benefits through lifestyle photos of real-life situations when using Spontex gloves.
      • 65 609 unique visitors with frequency 2.30
      • 1 262 clicks on the website at an average price CZK 13
    • Instagram
      • 6 posts on the wall, 9 organic Stories of my own creation, sharing Stories from influencers.
      • 153 477 unique visitors with frequency 1.70
  • Influencers
    • a total of 378 863 impressions


You can soon see another part of the campaign in both e-commerce and classic retail.

We attach some elements of the communication for reference.