Do you also have it like that? "We have a pile of data, but no time to process it…”

26. 10. 2022

Are you aware of a situation when you have an abundant amount of data, but neither the time nor knowledge to analyze and conclude with a readable, comprehensive, and understandable overview? Yes?! That is exactly the situation we try to avoid when it comes to our clients.

The aim of our Retail Audit division is to deliver data to our clients on a "golden platter", i.e., comprehensive, clear, and instantly readable. For this purpose, we are well assisted by the so-called infographics, an effective display in picture, graph, or table form from which the most important information can be quickly and efficiently grasped.

The greatest benefit of infographics for our clients is undoubtedly the speeding up of work with the supplied data. Because time is one of the most valuable commodities nowadays. Our customers do not have to spend their precious time with graphic editing of data and its final display, but they get a tool in which they can easily find their way around and are able to immediately find the information they need, which they can promptly share with their colleagues, use for their important strategic decisions, or use to supplement an urgent report for their supervisor.

The advantage of using infographics can also be in engaging the audience. For some audiences, seeing a large volume of numbers means something intangible, and so they do not pay as much attention to the numbers as we might want or need. However, if the same values are translated into a clear graph, table, or figure, then we are much more likely to not only get the audience's attention, but to ensure that everyone takes away exactly the conclusions and information we need.

Do you also have an interesting tool for data presentation or analysis? Share with us what it is!