Douwe Egberts – the real nuts

19. 02. 2013

…or vanilla, or caramel!

If you have become slightly addicted to traditional flavours of one of the world’s star coffee roastingroom, you can wind up at home and have your "loved one" there, where you feel the best because Douwe Egberts, as the first one in Czech, has started supplying almost all retailers with flavored instant coffee.

Lovers of high-quality DE coffee and coffee blends can please their taste buds with vanilla, nut or caramel flavour.

Such coffee is censequently becoming more and more pouplar with consumers. As a proof you could see people queuing in front of improvised cafés in shopping malls. Those were exactly the places where it was possible to taste new kinds of flavoured instant coffee.

ppm factum hostesses, who were poromoting the goods, have become real specialists after many years experience with DE coffee promotion. Ppm factum team of "coffee bartenders", who were offering to taste all 3 new flavours, did not omit to
draw customers’ attention even to other coffee from our client’s brand menu.

"Finally, I’ll make myself at home a real vanilla heaven", claimed one of the customers and placed a DE’s newrelease into her shopping basket.