Essense coffee – follows the flavor and fall into it with ppm factum!

04. 12. 2012

First coffee for breakfast and next before noon? After lunch next one and last one in the evening with friends or at home?

If you are lover of coffee, we have fantastic message for you! Douwe Egberts comes with brand new coffee.  It isn´t “the another” coffee, but it is a new concept of instant coffee.

Concept and design promotion come from ppm´s creative factory.

Package of Essense contains 90% instant coffee and 10% roasted ground coffee. You can choose between medium-dark roasted blend and dark roasted blend according to your coffee taste demands. Both of these blends are rich in intensive flavor and coffee mouse.

Customers in stores, where coffee Essense was presented, tasted flavor and smell of both coffee blends.

Smell of Essense coffee attracted both men and woman.  They smelled the flavor of coffee first, then they rejoice also the taste.

“Oh, better than in my coffee shop! Nice smell, mousse is really creamy and coffee has very pleasant taste.” said customers and put coffee to their shopping baskets.

Try too, winters evening are made for savor exceptional coffee. Instant coffee Essense by Douwe Egberts scent your home.