Heineken Slovakia had announced an extensive tender which was finnaly victorious for ppm factum

24. 02. 2014

Heineken Slovakia company, which belongs to the biggest brewery group in Europe, has ended the competitive tendering of Slovakia merchandising services provider. It is a pleasure to inform you that one of two agencies chosen is ppm factum s. r. o.

ppm factum thus take care about Heineken SK portfolio. And it is a big challenge – Heineken is a leader at Slovakia beer market with nearly 45 % share more than 13 years.

There is not just the flagship Heineken which is distributed by this company. There are also brands like Zlatý Bažant – the most valuable at Slovakia brewery market, Gorgoň, Kelt, Martiner and Gemer. Last but not least there are also foreign brands like Krušovice, Starobrno and Desperados.

ppm factum deeply believe in double-sided beneficiality, thanks for trust and looks forward to the future cooperation.