Knorr on-line

09. 02. 2012

ppm factum have started activating promotion world even on-line. The agency prepared the very first on-line campaign at social network space together with Unilever. Thick and hearty Knorr soups fill you up not just at lunch time or as a snack but started to fill Facebook space up too.

„Working with Knorr people at this project was fun“ says Marek Valiček - ppm factum art director.

„The client was convinced by our suggestions. We presented full draft of activities, prepared visuals to complete the campaign and „coolfebruary“ application was launched at Facebook at February 1. The social network space communicate a target group which is not easy to appeal by classical ATL campaign channels. Interactivity of the space we move is another attractive issue for the client. The Facebook users immediate reactions indicate offered products evaluating or the way of perceiving them. The communication must have been adapted to Facebook users style as well as main prize should reflect their lifestyle. „The cool february“ Facebook users interest was demonstrated by the extraordinary application visitation. We had 1.000 visitors 6th day after the application activation!“

The application contain not just Knorr soups competition but also a tourplan where the users can find planned visits of hostesses distributing Knorr soups samples at business centres all over the Czceh Republic. The application also allows you to invite the hostess team to your offices. Knorr soups then reach places out of tourplans.

„There is unexpected interest caused by the new hostess visits with the soups. We had to start selecting requests according to staffing of companies or regional location. The soups will be also delivered by post to places which are not easy to reach personally. Knorr is hereby getting people using new unusual ways and „coolfebruary“ application shows us that the way is highly effective.“ adds Marek Valiček.