Pepper was at the very beginning...

17. 06. 2014

Pepper was at the very beginning...

Johann Kotányi company was founded at 1881 and its today´s portfolio contains more than 4500  items at 20 different countries assortment. ppm factum is thus highly pleased to became the merchandising services supplier for the Czech Republic since 1. 6. 2014.

Because of the differencies among countries´ and cultures´ needs, tastes and customs, the main goal of Kotányi is to focus on individuals and their meal joy. It is focused on food pleasure and creative cooking through delight mixtures of herbs and spices from the whole world. Each Kotányi product is thus an invitation to repeated searching of the vastness and diversity of the world of tastes.

ppm factum is convinced that the shelves choice of Kotányi – our company – was right and helps to fullfill the international commercial marketing goals.

Thanks for confidence.