POPAI AWARDS 2012 – ppm factum work for Bosch was appreciated

29. 11. 2012

How to attract men´s attention while hoovering? Yes, hoovering!

Stand Marilyn Monroe to the hoover. Marilyn Monroe in her classic white dress, attractive plunge neckline and famous freckle above the upper lip.

Marilyn Monroe therefore prome the Bosch products during the “Bosch stars” promotion all across the Czech Republic.

The attractive exposition, high quality time-proven products and MM presence was the reason why lot of customers stopped and promoters could prome not just powerful hoovers but also other products by which the Bosch company equip households around the world for decades.

This year Popai Awards have noticed this untraditional commercial message also – at “best promotional tools at in-store communication area” competition.

The exposition and concept of Bosch products presentation, prepared for client by ppm factum promo department, gained from special committee excellent realisation appraisal.

ppm factum thus acquire other star at imaginary “walk of fame”!