"ppm shelf track" - smartphones replace paper

25. 02. 2013

Merchandising and ppm factum match like a full store shelf and a satisfied customer!

As the customers have become more demanding it is important to search for now technologies even in the field of merchendising, which will make work of merchendisers more efficient and will ensure the clients that it is taken care of their products with maximum attention.

" If we are supposed to provide top services, it is absolutely necessery to know and fully use possibilities which are nowadys available due to revolutionary technologies ", also said about the unique system " ppm shelf track"  the company director Pavel Říha.

That is why the company ppm factum presented this current inovation " ppm shelf track" at Retail Summitu 2013.

Mobile information system at my Avis platform, which ppm factum has started implementing, considerably supports efficient work of merchendisers as well as their subsequent checking. Ppm factum empolyees can therefore more effectively coordinate placing of goods on the shelves, check its stock as well as check out special offers taking place in a particular store. All this in an e-way, paper is becoming the past.

"Using the "ppm shelf track" system gives us celar information on the state of our products through the market and it enables us to manage supply of goods in a real time. Moreover, thanks to mutual communication , GPS check and photographs, we have superseded previous trust by a hundred percent certainty", said MSc Aleš Pastorek, General Manager  Henkel Beauty Care.

Exactely because of using modern technologies ppm factum consolidates its leading position in the market of merchandising and sale support.

That is one of the reasons why ppm factum deservingly became a partner of this year Retail summit.

Check out our video to see the whole live performance.