What do women want? They want MYSTERY!

25. 04. 2013

Just gently open a new bottle of drink from brand Zlatopramen and in a second you will change into mysterious toy! Beer cocktail ,, Mystery” is perfect chilled news for those of you who know that mystery is the most attractive thing about woman.

Low in alcohol (4%), no E and sweetening only in form of fructose are another bonuses of your new drink. And add to that elegant design and friendly price and another women mystery is here!

You do not have to go directly to the bar for first tasting of Mystery. You can taste every flavor of brand new “ready to drink” drink in our favorite stores until the end of July. Hostesses and promoters are serving drinks adequately cooled. You cannot miss exclusive brighten promo place Mystery. (Stand for promotion after tasting will serve in trade to designate the sales shelf with a drink Mystery.)

Sexy and charming bartenders will take you on exotic Cuba (Mystery Mango Mojito) or tropical Puerto Rico (Mystery Piňa Colada) – the places where the secret is a part of the life style of higher society (Mystery High Society).

Mystery Beer drinks will love also those who are looking for a suitable cocktail with you to any party. Practical pint bottle multipacks with “twist off” cap will be welcoming companion to your friends.

It would seem that the sum of pluses of new drink removes any mystery. But appearances, as we all know, can be deceiving. Let´s taste!

P.S. ….and drink through a straw straight from the bottle. It´s mysterious and sexy ….