Your dog will enjoy Softmix

12. 10. 2012

„ you already have food for your pet?“ asked ppm factum´s hostesses at Makro and Tesco stores customers, because the new to the market is dogfood Softmix from Partner and Pet Food. Parter and Pet Food is new client of ppm factum.

For this „special“ promotion worked just hostesses who have a dog too. It is because dog lovers have some unique “dog radar” and find each other in a second.

And this unique ability help hostess to pass information about new dogfood to the right person.
After a few details which hostesses said customers (premium feed, combination solid and semi-soft granules, smell and taste), packagings of Softmix were displaced from the shelves to shopping carts.

So  „ you already have food for your pet?“