Zlatopramen Radler – ppm factum hot summer with the taste of lemon, orange and ginger!

29. 08. 2012

Who would resist the fresh Zlatopramen Radler taste? Anybody! ppm factum promo teams were crossing the Czech Republic in the course of summer to introduce Zlatopramen news to flavour beer lovers. The road show stops were planned smartly all around the Czech Republic and there was nobody who would not give our promoters a warm welcome.

People are trying the most fresh news of this year directly at city centres or rest areas. Zlatopramen Radler citrus and Zlatopramen Radler orange and ginger have become favourites at these hot days not just among consumers but also at public enquiries and experts evaluation.

You could both taste the radlers at cities, camps, beaches or around swimming pools and also win tins or maxi packs at competitions which were carefully prepared with humour by the road show teams. The Radlers were also highly welcomed freshness bombs at music festivals United Islands and Hip Hop Kemp.

„Zlatopramen Radler citrus – I know, it's cool“ the promoters could hear at their stops. „Its completely natural taste was the biggest surprise for me“ was specified by the drinkers who could highlight the difference from the other radlers.

This summer is easily dedicated to the natural freshness of Zlatopramen Radler!