Zlatopramen Radler has grown at trees of Prague

16. 05. 2012

The very first ppm factum guerilla promotion  was prepared for Heineken – Zlatopramen Radler.

The beer communication concept was spread to real space of city parks. In-store promotion where hostesses and promoters offer new lemon and orange radler tasting from Radlerus Bohemicus tree models preceded and prepare good background to the guerilla.

Tins with radlers were hanged out at trees of three Prague parks in early morning by ppm factum promo team at the beginning of May.  Hidden cameras recorded reactions of people who plucked the radlers on their way to work. Zlatopramen Radler Harvest has already begun...

See video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFjHWtbbwzM