Henkel Cooking Challenge

07. 04. 2021

Henkel does not forget its employees even during the time of the covid; together with us they prepare a series of interesting teambuilding activities for them that can be implemented within the home office.

After a successful major athletic challenge, which we have organized online, we have now prepared a spring detox and the associated cooking. We have currently prepared an online cooking challenge for all employees, in which we focus on sharing light and healthy recipes.  

 In a special application, employees will find series of instructions and ideas focused on a healthy lifestyle and they can share their home recipes here as well.

The employees and their recipes will then compete for interesting prizes, including the opportunity to cook directly with MasterChef Roman Staša.

 The recipe gallery also serves as an inspiration to colleagues for healthy home cooking during the home office experience.

If you are also concerned about how to create and maintain a positive environment with a team that has been working from home for a year, contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made program for you.