KIA Family Road Show

22. 10. 2018

According to the client´s representatives, the key factor for the ppm factum victory in the tender offer was especially a pro-family approach to the concept of the new KIA Ceed model communication, which was also built on a high visibility.

Jiří Král from ppm factum remarks: "From the very first briefing we've had the idea to build a concept more massive than usually done for a road show in a given segment. We wanted to attract the attention of people who normally do not come directly to our activation zone."

The dominant feature of the KIA road show was the classic big truck, which we adapted into a POP-UP coffee shop and provided places to sit and enjoy a great coffee from Nestlé Dolce Gusto, and a beauty corner for ladies of all ages. This truck drew great attention of all passers-by and the final result was it increased the impact of the event.

The KIA Zone included other activities for the whole family. Most dads with children appreciated the great professional car race track, where everyone competed to win great KIA gifts. Already mentioned was the beauty corner which was especially prepared for the women; a professional make-up artist along with all beautification paraphernalia was waiting there for them.

KIA for the youngest children prepared a tent where children painted, or they could try a range of inspirational types of games.

Part of the activity was, of course, the communication on social networks supported by major competitions for great gifts from KIA.

All these background features have made it easy for car fans to observe all the details of the new KIA models and enjoy a comfortable ride in one of them.

The road show resulted in the acquisition of thousands of potential customer contacts and in several contracts signed at the show with representatives from the individual regional dealerships.

What can be considered as the biggest success is that ppm factum together with KIA Motor Czech brought visitors a great experience, which will further support loyalty with the already popular KIA brand in the Czech Republic.