Milka Valentine´s Day

17. 02. 2020

This year we organized for our regular client the most massive promotion of all time. As part of the Valentine’s Day, we assembled a team of 215 hostesses, who in two days carried out 3,297 hours of Milka promotion in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The whole event was based on a perfect system solution, enormous commitment of responsible project managers and precise logistics, which ensured the distribution of all equipment to 235 locations within 24 hours.

Sending a team of trained professional hostesses to the field was a key task. That's why this year we have a team trained in 3 stages and electronically, using a special Valentine's Vlog on our YouTube and a network of 15 area managers in different regions. We also prepared a special incentive program for the hostesses.

During this activity, we focused on promoting the sale of “I Love Milka” pralines, where the givers could write their own original messages for the recipients on the packaging of Milka chocolates. Apart from Milka, we also supported the traditional Tatiana brand, which was appreciated especially by middle-aged and elderly people.


As a result of the combination of all the above elements, the implementation was carried out with 100% satisfaction and with very positive feedback from both end customers and representatives of the individual stores.

We are already looking forward to the next challenges!

You can recall Valentine's Day atmosphere by looking in our photo gallery.