ppm factum Merchandising helps people in the front line of COVID-19

20. 03. 2020

ppm factum Merchandising helps people in the front line of COVID-19. Despite the complicated situation, ppm factum teams continue to provide full-service support at the stores.


The work of all merchandisers in a risky store environment is irreplaceable and helps to avert the collapse of businesses whose staff is at risk and under extreme pressure.


Like all people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our merchandisers face the issue of protective equipment that is either missing or not accessible. All the more we appreciate their reliability and their commitment in the field, independence and flexibility in the home production of masks for themselves and shop staff, or spontaneous help to people in need in their neighborhood.


We are extremely grateful to the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, firefighters, police, soldiers and staff of all retail outlets for the services and care they provide to all citizens during these difficult times, and we are proud that our colleagues are helping to overcome this crisis.


We wish everyone all the best, good health and a positive attitude.

ppm factum team



With my mum and with the help of our neighbors we are making masks at home on our sewing machines. Our younger son cuts mask patterns from fabric and our older son delivers purchases to the homes of seniors.

We delivered the first batch of masks directly to merchandisers in the stores on Thursday. On Monday there will be another batch of about 60 masks :-)

When we are united, we are strong.

Jana Vodickova


On behalf of all my merchandisers, I would like to thank you for appreciating their work, which is very demanding during these times.

I gave thanks from our company to everybody involved.

All members of my teams have their mouths and noses protected by various types of masks; but working in them is really exhausting.

Despite all the problems, everything has been running fine so far and everyone is healthy.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Šuléřová Marcela

Central MCHD Moravia


We appreciate your support very much. Here in South Moravia we just dug our heels in and refuse to give up. Unfortunately, I am not gifted in handy work, but I do buy fabric, string and threads. I cut the patterns for the masks that my sister makes and then distribute them to my people.

We are one team!

Best regards,

Veronika Ungerová


Both KPT and MCHD are trying to be helpful in the stores and handle the situation the best we can.

I gave your thanks to everybody.

We made the masks at home with our sewing machines and we are still making them.

Wishing you all good health,

Nataša Marková