ppm factum Summer Beer Fest

20. 06. 2022

The unfavorable times of Covid did not allow us to meet each other in large numbers until recently, and for the longest period of time, we saw some colleagues only online. But that is over with now and ppm has organized a company meeting for all its employees. Since we couldn't wait and we wanted to do it in style, we organized “ppm factum Summer Beer Fest” in our warehouse area. Immediately upon arrival, everyone received their own ppm pint mug and could sample from 6 different beer specialties. There was also quality Italian wine, traditional festival raspberry lemonade and of course great catering. Not only was there plenty of entertainment in the form of table soccer, darts, bowling, beer quiz, but ppm employees even organized unbeatable dancing and singing performances.

“ppm factum Summer Beer Fest” was very successful, no one wanted to go home and we are already looking forward to the next joint event, which will definitely be coming soon.

You can see how successful the whole event was in the video below, or on the photos in the gallery.