ppm helps wherever possible - a new car for Adamek

23. 05. 2022

Adamek, the grandson of our long-time colleague, suddenly fell ill with a serious illness at the age of eleven months. The ppm employees decided to help Adamek and his family with a financial contribution.


Adamek spent 2.5 months in the anesthesiology and resuscitation department and then 3.5 months in neurology. Despite complications and difficult treatment, Adamek fought for his place in the sun and survived, albeit with lasting consequences. His severe illness caused permanent brain damage, psychomotor retardation and epilepsy. Adamek does not crawl, does not sit or walk, but thanks to strenuous exercise, spa therapy and constant care, he makes progress.


For Adamek’s sake it was necessary to buy a new car, which will be used to transport him to/from doctors, physiotherapy etc. A collection fund was created for him through the Donio Foundation. https://www.donio.cz/AutoProAdamka


Our employees did not hesitate for a second and immediately started to contribute to Adamek fund. The ppm management doubled the collected amount from individual contributions. For Adamek, a beautiful CZK 37,243 was collected from ppm.


We wish Adamek good health and progress.

Ppm team