ppm merchandising for Perfetti Melle Czech Republic s. r. o.

18. 06. 2015

Perfetti Melle Czech Republic s. r. o. has changed the supplier of merchandising services for the Czech Republic.

It is our pleasure to announce that after comprehensive competition ppm is the supplier chosen. The part of the competition was also a quality test. ppm factum has succeed and started the cooperation at June 15th.

Perfetti van Melle is a kind of family company and also reputable international company which is No. 3 among sweet producers and distributors not just in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

The portfolio supplied into international chain stores includes not just two „flagships“ – Chupa Chups lollipops and Mentos chewing gums and candy – but also Ritter Sport chocolates, chocolate specialities Jacquot, chewing caramel Meller etc.

ppm factum believe that the services provided will be a contribution to success both at shelves and at checkout zones  of modern market stores. We look forward to the cooperation started.

Thank Perfetti for confidence , ppm factum merchandising division.