Proud Zero enters the Czech market!

24. 07. 2018

Currently we have launched a massive promotional campaign "I'm a proud zero" for Heineken, where we present the first absolutely alcohol-free Radler (rock shandy).

Zlatopramen Radler Herbal is made in two great variants: Black Currant & Lavender and Lemon or Elderflower & Mint.

For this activity, we have prepared an attractive 0.0% Zlatopramen zone, where people can try a number of balance activities, a bike for two enthusiasts, or they can relax in special 0% armchairs.

We started the road show by providing samples at the office centers. To make sure that the office staff really takes the campaign into account, the invitations to Radler were distributed directly through the open windows..:)

In our photo gallery you can see this opening event.