REAL FEEL – get acquainted with the new era agency

24. 02. 2021

There is no point in lamenting. The change was coming anyway, and the pandemic only accelerated things. Clients' marketing budgets push for efficiency and require innovation. Consumers are no longer just looking at price; they are looking for experience, sustainability and quality. We're moving online and looking for new ways to improve.

The year 2020 was not easy for promotion and most of the activities could not be implemented. We used this time for self-education and research, how to better connect communication channels, how to put the product in the hands of the customer and how to have fun with functional communication. We want to drive boring grayness out of retail and marketing and cleverly face the challenges of the modern times.

Brands lack sound messages between individual touch points, i.e. the customer's contacts with the brand, product or communication. The 1990s and hard sell no longer work. An informed customer has a choice. That's why we communicate in a new ways and through more channels.

We have set up a human agency with a strong background. We have joined forces with experts in the fields of psychology, marketing, omnichannel, retail and innovation. We offer new solutions for brands and clients who are ready to do it differently and with innovations to their methods.

That is how REAL FEEL agency was established under the wings of ppm factum.

We will gradually reveal to you exactly what REAL FEEL is and what we are coming up with.