Retail campaign online? Yes! Caramel Latte from Tassimo.

19. 07. 2021

During the strictest epidemiological measures, ppm factum received a quite exciting challenge from Jacobs Douwe Egberts. We were asked to acquaint consumers with the new summer flavor capsules for the Dolce Gusto system and to support retail sales, nevertheless without the possibility of sampling due to the existing circumstances.


Together with the client, we set the following challenges:


•   Increase sales of new Iced Caramel Latte capsules and the new Tassimo Bosch Style coffee machine

•   Bring customers to the new Tassimo site

•   Engage a younger target group


We built REAL FEEL in ppm precisely for this kind of challenges that allow us to look at retail a little more comprehensively. For Tassimo, we and our creative-strategic team have prepared an effective integrated awareness campaign, for which we have cleverly used all available channels. We have prepared the campaign for both the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Retail today is not just a physical store. The new situation forces us more than ever to analyze customer´s anticipated steps even before the actual purchase takes place, and ideally to pay attention to it even after its completion.  


For that reason we built the campaign across the following channels:


In-store – special hangers on products that lead the customer to a consumer summer competition on the website via a QR code. Before launching, we also recommended the hygiene of the website itself to the client and adjusted the customer journey so that we could capture the maximum leads for future communication. Participation in the summer game was conditioned by the purchase of the product. 


On-line support – attractive banner advertising aimed at a precisely defined target group.


Social media – creative communication on Facebook and Instagram. Involvement of smaller and more prominent influencers along with attractive competition.


Micro influencers – together with brand awareness, we also wanted to provide a trial of the product. That is why we have selected suitable influencers from, which is a community of 80,000 testers, micro-influencers, with whom we carry out a number of interesting activities. We then sent samples of the new capsule to the relevant owners of the Tassimo coffee machine, and they have already taken care of further community sharing of their experiences with a new flavor through their social networks. At the same time, we received a number of positive reviews on, which was linked to the entire campaign.


E-commerce – we captured ever-changing trends in shopping, leading to more and more online, with targeted banner communication, which was also aimed at customers who would never capture standard retail activities. Using a special code, we led them to the e-shop, where they could take part in our Tassimo summer game after purchasing the product.


Special communication - to increase brand awareness among a relatively young target group (18–25), we have prepared a special augmented reality game on Instagram. The aim was to present the brand and the new Tassimo caramel flavor in an unusual and entertaining way.



Thanks to this omnichannel, we have acquired an image and brand building solution supporting the current and long-term sales of the entire Tassimo range.


The campaign is currently in its final phase, and below you can check out the materials that we have created for it.