Starbucks teamed up with Nescafé Dolce Gusto

02. 12. 2019

Thanks to Nestlé, the global coffee icon is getting into retail business and we participated in the endeavor.


As part of one of the biggest coffee mergers we had prepared a great promo where we presented the end consumers with the mission: now they can enjoy the fastest growing coffee brand conveniently in their homes.


In ppm, we chose the best promoters and hostesses for this activity. To ensure we would be as successful as possible, we trained them in an interactive 2 day workshop. They all received perfect ideas and product information but also learned how to work with many types of customers through a four-color typology.


The promo in the Czech hypermarkets and electro-stores attracted enormous interest. It turned out that Starbucks is a love brand that will work not only in the popular cafes but people also desire to enjoy this coffee at home.


You can see in our photo gallery what the atmosphere at the events was.