Strongbow season opened during Majáles

16. 05. 2016

This summer a massive sampling of Strongbow cider will take place. In the new concept made by ppm factum you can look forward to a new promo based on the new Strongbow communication strategy “Nature Remix”.
This year you will be meeting our teams at key locations where the target group is located, i.e. especially parks, embankments, beaches and other places in large cities where young people spend their free time with friends.
Strongbow brand brings nature to the city and that is why our team members ride e-bicycles when they give out samples and they are accompanied by new e-car Nissan Leaf.
Apart from the road show this year, we will be present at many major musical festivals with many activities. We will introduce a first photo wall in history where one does not stand but instead will lay down surrounded by a background of grass, moss and apples.
We will print out the visitor´s pictures and everyone who will hashtag their picture will then find it on the Instagram.
The first promo event took place at Prague Majáles where we handed out 8.000 samples and we had more than 2.000 visitors walk through the Strongbow zone.