Unsuspected possibilities of working with acquired data

15. 08. 2022

DATA - one sees a jumble of numbers and they don't really explain anything and others see an infinite source of data that can be used to control the world. In ppm factum's retail audit division you will definitely come across the latter type of people. We like to look at the numbers to find answers to our clients' questions, such as: do I have my products displayed in the right part of the store as part of the secondary placement? Does my market share match the share of secondary placements? In what categories am I more expensive/cheaper than the competition? What is my shelf share vs. market share? Do the individual stores adhere to our company policy?


It is important to find out from the client what the purpose of the measurements is and what they want to use the data for. Based on this, together with the client, we set up a complete collection criteria that allows the results to be prepared and reported in an easy to read form - graphs and/or brief comments, in some cases the report is supplemented with photos and/or ppm factum recommendations. Of course, we can also help you understand the data itself, and we are happy to meet with the client in person to discuss anything and everything. With us you don't have to worry about numbers! We will teach you how to work with the data and make the most of it.