26. 06. 2017

“Imagine an event where you would get intrigued by a guy making pirouettes on his strangely tiny bicycle even before you enter. You go in and encounter a group of people surrounding the basket playing streetball. You will hear a saxophone solo not far away followed by the rest of the band playing the funkiest music in the city which the DJ tastefully complements with his scratches. Wherever there is good music, of course there are dancers getting ready for a dancing battle….”
With this motto we were approached by Chio brand, the main partner of this year´s Urban Culture Games. Our task was to create a strategic position on the main avenue of Náplavka where this year’s event took place.
We have tried to come up with a concept that naturally fits into this very specific event and community and at the same time it would communicate the brand to the consumer.
Our original solution simply linked the Chio brand to both the visitors and the performers and “Chio Point” became the popular chill out zone.
In the “Chio Point”, it was possible for visitors to relax, have a chat with friends, eat unlimited amount of Chio chips, make a selfie and also take pictures home as a memento.
The photos can be seen at our photogallery.