14. 11. 2017

ppm factum was proud to present the Virtual Promoter in the shopping centre Nový Smíchov between Oct 3rd and 18th 2017. We introduced a new generation of the Virtual Promoter – as a flat screen in Ultra HD resolution and as a compact and mobile solution. The goal of the activity was to present an application of Crestyl, a developer, and their four contemporary projects. The visitors could stop at the Promoter on their walk through a shopping mall corridor. The videoguide attracted the visitors´ attention by a loud sound signal – a knocking – and invites them to browse through the app. At the beginning the guide always explains how to control the app and then gave details of each project. The Virtual Promoter excited a great interest among the customers. Based on the Smart Data we know that during the activity period almost 5 300 persons stopped by the Promoter for more than 5 sec, out of which 25 % participated in the application actively. These active users spent at the Virtual Promoter almost 80 seconds on average, which is a very significant impact.