We are launching a new Lysoform disinfection brand for Henkel

21. 10. 2020

Henkel, which has a portfolio of brands such as Persil, Perwoll, Syoss or Schwarzkopf, is bringing a new Lysoform brand to the Czech market. It’s cleaning and disinfection products are aimed at cleaner households without viruses and bacteria.


The Lysoform brand has a tradition of more than 120 years and its products work on the basis of a combination of benzalkonium chloride and formic acid. In addition to destroying viruses and bacteria, they also remove dirt and unpleasant odors.


The brand used ppm factum professional ambassadors for the launch, and customers could meet them in a modern market, in compliance with all safety rules.


The campaign also includes communication at the point of sale through POS materials, and since the end of September it has been complemented by a digital campaign; the main objective will be to increase brand awareness on the Czech market.


How we started the activity, you can take a look at our photo gallery.