What is important for effective work in logistics?

11. 10. 2022

In general, warehouse logistics deals with the movement and storage of goods in a limited space with the aim to minimize "operations" and maximize accuracy and speed in the sub-processes: receiving, storage, picking and shipping.


The effectiveness of these sub-processes is influenced by a whole mosaic of factors that interlink and influence each other. Collectively, these factors can be termed: processes, personnel, technology, and storage capacity.


The right processes are the main factor that influences the level of efficiency in warehouse logistics; their leanness, simplicity and continuity. At ppm factum, we support all these processes by using the right technologies and automation. With the right steps in place, we are able to minimize the number of tasks and errors in the warehouse and thus consolidate driving, walking and human efforts to the fullest extent. According to the motto – “if you don't have it in your head, you have to have it in your feet” - it is necessary to think about the optimal placement of items in the warehouse locations, or to optimize the warehouse layout and therefore its overall organization.


In ppm factum, these factors are the cornerstones of our warehouse efficiency. We always adapt them to the client's requirements, the nature of the goods and order-delivery rhythms. We have 11,000 pallet spaces, we arrange over 31,000 shipments a year, and of course we keep track of everything in an online system. Our clients can always contact us with any logistical or storage problem, we always try to solve everything to their maximum satisfaction.