Keep your goods under tight control. Let us worry about your inventory status and supplying goods when needed. Thanks to the Merchandising services offered, we will support not only the client’s product marketability but also their brand. Merchandising services make sure your goods are in sufficient quantity and in places where major purchasing decision takes place.

retails serviced
staff in terrain
,3 mil.
service hrs. / year

How does ppm factum Merchandising Service work?

There is an experienced merchandiser behind the goods´ coordination, placement and replenishment. The merchandiser’s job is to make sure the right goods are at the right place at the right time at the right price. To check store´s current inventory status we use a unique reporting system with GPS location capabilities.

As a part of the report we will provide you with photo documentation of primary section locations, secondary displays, out of stock products, current prices, leaflet promotions and the presence of new products on the shelf. Properly working merchandising then becomes a perfectly functioning control system for ensuring the terms and conditions between suppliers and retail chains are met.

Make use of our experience and find out why perfectly handled merchandising will help your store!

What can you gain by using Merchandising Service?

  • intelligent inventory management
  • opportunity to be where your customers are
  • control and status of your goods
  • valuable feedback thanks to reporting and monitoring
  • tracking on your competitors prices and introduction of new products
  • happy customers that find what they are looking for